Active/Slow Flow Yoga

Vinyasa allows your body to move into a variety of postures helping you connect with your breath. Many postures have variations and modifications to make them accessible to you and your skill level. Pranayama (breath), mindfulness, and meditation are a part of this class. The pace ranges between slow to moderate. Class usually begins with a centering meditation, followed by a warm up, a more active sequence, and finally, you are eased into sivasana (corpse pose). Benefits: Connection between mind and body, and increased strength and balance.

Block & Roll

Are you familiar with a foam roller? Well this class uses cork blocks, foam blocks, and tennis balls to help you release tension, stress, and “gunk” from the hard-to-reach areas of your body. With instruction, you work through areas of your body to help you achieve myofascial release with breath. All you need to bring is your stress-filled body. Benefits: Decompresses tissues and impinges nerves, improves circulation and digestion, increases body fluidity/ flexibility and bone health/vascularity, releases overly tight muscles/tendons, realigns joints, improves stability, reduces imbalance, strengthens pelvic girdle, releases emotional/mental tension and relieves stress. This class can accommodate 25.

Restorative Yoga Circuit

Restorative yoga is non-muscular and involves using props and longer held poses to allow for maximum release and relaxation. This class contains passive backbends, forward folds, twists, and inversions that reverse the effects of gravity. Those who are injured or ill, highly stressed, or looking to improve quality of life will benefit from this class. The class is set up when you arrive and all yogis move in a guided circuit to experience all positions. Benefits: Reduces blood sugar levels, increases good cholesterol, improves digestion and fertility, enhances mood, and reduces insomnia and fatigue. This class can accommodate 25 people.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga strengthens and opens joints and connective tissues while stimulating energy meridians in the body. Yin stresses, strengthens, and massages the tendons and washes the marrow. The goal is to remain still in the pose for the allotted duration. Benefits: Helps calm and balance the mind and body, regulates energy, increases mobility, helps lubricate and protect joints, and reduces stress. This class can accommodate 20 people.

Partner Yoga

Partner yoga allows you to explore communication, connection, trust, and humor all at the same time. You and a friend (or new friend) will play, try, and push yourselves to new limits. Benefits: Allows you to assist and support one another in a variety of creative and fun yoga poses.

Curvy Yoga

Yoga is beneficial for everybody and every body, but maybe you haven’t felt like yoga was for you. Curvy yoga offers modifications and intentional sequences that allow yoga to be more accessible to bodies of all shapes and sizes, and more importantly, it offers a BODY POSITIVE SPACE. So, bring the body you have today, and let’s have some fun. This class can be customized for small in-home groups or as a workshop.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a conscious deep yogic sleep that promotes deep relaxation, enhances creativity, improves concentration and focus, helps refresh your mind, is more effective than a nap, and resets adrenals. The benefits of Nidra are many, but include relief of stress-related disorders, hypertension, insomnia, trauma, and anxiety. During Nidra, the body and mind are fully relaxed. You will lay on a yoga mat with a blanket, in a comfortable position with your eyes closed, in a dim or dark room, while you are guided through the experience.