I am so glad that you found yoga. Yoga is much more than asana, or the physical  practice. While asana is what typically draws us to yoga, and it certainly is why I got involved with it in 2008, my hope is that you explore and experience transformation, healing, awakening, and connection.

As a long time weightlifter, former competitive powerlifter, and current physique and bodybuilding competitor, I met the mat in hopes of gaining range of motion, calming my mind, and achieving physical and mental balance. Now, as a yoga instructor, yoga life coach, yoga personal trainer, and Reiki practitioner, I aim to extend the benefits of yoga and energy work to my students/clients, offering knowledge about postures, safety and alignment, connection with breath, spaciousness, stillness, introspection, and healing.

My yin, restorative, slow flow, block & roll, and yoga nidra classes allow students the opportunity to slow down, while my power and active vinyasa classes provide a slightly more dynamic practice. Threaded throughout each class is a reminder of sustainability and mindfulness. Yoga life coaching allows me to engage with others in powerful, purposeful conversations starting with life RIGHT now to assist in achieving one’s BEST life. Reiki, the non-physical healing energy, supports the creation of internal balance. Yoga personal training offers clients one-on-one attention to get something that they won’t get in class, and sound massage provides the experience of sound and vibration on the body for deep relaxation.

In my day job, I am a sociology professor. I am fascinated by our lived experience that is shaped by our socialization and culture. Think about how our fast-paced culture and socialization has influenced our relationship to fear, our disconnect and discontent with our bodies, and the challenges we often face with slowing down and letting go. I love to inspire all of my students to take risks so that they may explore their potential, gain confidence, and recognize their power.

I look forward to meeting and working with you, and helping you explore what yoga, yoga life coaching, yoga personal training, sound massage, and Reiki can do for you. My goal is to help every body bend.


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  • 2015 – Completed Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) 200 in Costa Rica – Awakened Life School of Yoga
    • Styles: Active vinyasa, Slow flow, and Restorative
  • 2015 – Began YTT 300/500 with Wild Abundant Life in Wisconsin
    • Styles: Power vinyasa, Yin
  • 2015 – Completed Curvy Yoga Certification with Anna Guest-Jelley (Curvy Yoga)
  • 2016 – Completed Yoga Life Coach certification (Wild Abundant Life School of Yoga)
  • 2016 – Completed Reiki I and II certification (Gina Armstrong – Balance on Buffalo)
  • 2016 – Completed Yoga Personal Training certification (Wild Abundant Life School of Yoga)
  • 2016 – Completed Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) 300 – Wild Abundant Life
  • 2016 – Completed Peter Hess – Klangmassage Sound Massage I-IV (Gina Armstrong – Balance on Buffalo)

Retreats (attended)

  • 2016 – Moving into Stillness – Yin Yoga (OneWorld Retreats – Bali, Indonesia)
  • 2016 – Pleasure the Senses – Raw Food/Yoga (Oneworld Retreats – Bali, Indonesia)
  • 2016 – Exotic Yoga Retreats at Xinalani Retreat Center (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)



Authorized Peter Hess Sound Massage Practitioner